We’re Launching a Blog!

google-juice-carton1Over the last number of months we’ve been engaging in some very interesting and complex design + development work, much more so than in the past. With that has come challenging problems and the need to come up with creative solutions. Sometimes these solutions can be found perusing the depths of the internet or scouring Stack Overflow for answers to problems. Other times we find great frameworks or plugins that suit our needs. However, more and more we are beginning to feel that we might just be the first person to discover a glitch or a problem and therefore, also the first to try and solve it. Rather than keep these solutions to ourselves, we thought it would be great to share them with the rest of the world (while also providing our site with some great Google Juice).

It’s now our goal to document these these discoveries and solutions with the rest of the development, design and business community. I say business community, because while 90% of our work is design or development related, we do often encounter situations that are more business oriented, like client relations, pricing, product delivery, and business strategy, so we thought these stories should be shared too. Sometimes we’ll have code snippets, a great design resource, or other times it might be a excel template we developed for managing client hosting and domains (that coming in a later blog post).

So with that, welcome to the new Pixel Designs blog.